lunedì, marzo 07, 2011

My first attemps to the Genetic Algorithms

So much time from the last post! So..I would post here my first attemp to the genetic algorithms from months ago. I tried to make a GA script, with functions to make population, genes, fitness, and so on..
My script is based on the helpful Ben Doherty's script, and I tried to make a new one for my purposes..
This is a first test. It is very simple..there is a simple geometry made of polygons (like a mesh), that can change the coordinates of their vertices (the Z) to get the best exposure of the faces to the sun (rapresented by a point). The algorithm check the DotProduct between the normal of the faces and the direction of the sun, until they reach the best approximating value of 1.0.
Yes, I know, you can't find the gct file here! ..and there isn't no more images..please be patient! I will post some updates....the script is still in work in progress..and..isn't "rock" yet as seems!