mercoledì, marzo 31, 2010

Back from SmartGeometry 2010 @ IaaC Barcelona

My photos fromSmartGeometry 2010 @ IaaC Barcelona

I was there!!!
My workshop cluster was Deep Surfaces more info here

Article from Frame And Form <eng>

From SmartGeometry website
The SmartGeometry Group is pleased to announce that the annual SG event will take place in Barcelona 19th – 24th March 2010. The event will be the key event in the year for discussing, learning and networking about the emerging practice of digital parametrics within the AEC community.

The event will come in three parts, a Workshop (19th-22th March), a public Shop Talk (23rd March), and a public Symposium and Reception (24th March). These events follow the highly successful previous SG events in San Francisco 2009, Munich 2008, New York 2007, Cambridge/London, UK 2006 and multiple preceding events.
Annually, the SG workshop attracts an impressive group of tutors and attendees from across the world of academia, professional practice as well as many of the brightest students. The workshop is open to 100 applicants who come together for four intensive days of design and collaboration. Admission to the workshop is based on selection by the SmartGeometry Group.
The 2010 SmartGeometry Workshop is organised around the challenge ‘Working prototypes’. Working prototypes are functioning prototypes developed for the purpose of proving and testing a concept and design. In 2010 the workshop will be held in the great industrial space at the
IAAC in Barcelona. This allows possibilities for fabrication on even a 1:1 scale, of creating material stress, physical thinking and mental gymnastics. This puts the physical at centre stage in challenging participants to design, assemble and test working prototypes

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