domenica, marzo 23, 2008

Paris 1


Dopo averli studiati ecco gli appartamenti al 25bis Rue Franklin.. nessun libro vien detto che di fronte a loro c'è questo bellissimo e minuscolo parco dove la gente passeggia con il cane..da da mangiare alle papere..
..e nessun libro dice..che si gode anche questa vista...

3 marzo..appena in tempo per...

sabato, marzo 22, 2008

Research for competition ..

Why not? Architect: Fougeron Architecture ADailyDoseOfArchitecture (Archidose)
Other ideas..from Archidose more interesting:
1) Holbaek (DK) <1> <BIG Architects web site> PS: Great works on website!
2) Nakagin Capsule Tower (1972) by Kisho Kurokawa <2>
3)Student Housing in Amsterdam (NL) <1>
About the envelope....
0-14 tower' was designed by resier and umemoto and rur architecture pc along with dubai developer,
shahab lutfi. the building was designed for dubai's business bay and features 22 floors covered in
a double skin facade that's outermost skin is constructed from 40c, thick perforated concrete.
the one meter space between the skins creates a chimney effect, cooling the building.
DesignBoom>Dataisnature Kokkugia>
Mhh..look @ th€ structure ...
Wall House by FAR Architects <1 2>
Biology research .. Isoptera /Termiti <1>